Fabrizio Ricotta is our guest chef at Dina!

On Friday 28th & Saturday 29th Jult we welcome guest chef Fabrizio to cook at Dina for 2 special days.

Fabrizio Ricotta was born in Legnano, Italy, and grew up surrounded by a variety of Italian food's sights, sounds, and smells. His grandmothers were skilled chefs from different parts of the country, one from Milano, and the other from Sicily, every Sunday was a mix, quite often a clash, of different cultures and flavours.

Fabrizio knew from a young age that he was in love with food, however, he never went to culinary school. Instead, he apprenticed with his grandmothers and other experienced pasta makers and chefs. He learned the traditional methods of making pasta and developed a keen eye for quality ingredients, and a style focused on mixing traditional recipes and modern cooking techniques.

In 2010, Fabrizio moved to London to further his career. He quickly established himself and worked his way up, working at a number of Michelin-starred and awarded restaurants including Texture, Novikov, Darwin Brasserie and Burro e Salvia. In 2018, he started freelancing, working on his own events where handmade pasta is always a staple on his menus.

Due to the nature of this event and the set-up of Dina we encourage groups of 3 or more to call ahead on the day, we wont have room for large groups.

No reservations, Walk-ins only, All welcome!

Friday Kitchen from 5pm, Saturday from 2pm.