We are delighted to be joined by Mary San Pablo of Filipino pop-up LUTO for 2 days only in Dina's kitchen!

"LUTO” translated from Tagalog means to cook and is a pop up rooted in heritage aiming to transport you to chef Mary San Pablo’s motherland. We are very excited for Mary to share her energetic plates!

At the very foremost Mary is a well versed eater. She has honed in her skills and grew to be sous chef at London’s Quo Vadis and the Quality Chop House. As well as expanding her knowledge and cooking to Thai and Chinese cuisine from time at Som Saa and A.Wong.

With her newfound knowledge she craved an outlet, one that allowed for creativity and personal connection. So she created LUTO, a pop up with the intention to make food that is more personal than to recreate traditional dishes but to represent being Filipino British, with produce of the island and surrounding continent.

In its eighth year LUTO has brought Filipino food experiences across London, with dishes like nettle and kale laing sticky rice parcels and adobo lamb ribs with rhubarb to Dalston’s Weino BIB to Winemakers in Deptford. While searching for a permanent London home LUTO is collaborating and popping up with friends further afield!

Mary's A La Carte menu will be full of joy and have both vegetarian and vegan options but due to the small scale of this event we cannot cater for dietaries but can do omissions on some dishes.

Please turn up to your reservation on time, you have 2 hours at the table until the next diners arrive.

Your deposit is taken per person and is taken off your bill. Cancellations within 24 hours of your booking will not receive their deposit back... we are a vary small business - no shows/late cancellations make our pop-ups very diffilicult.